Reddit gonewild GW Asian sgchan big tits and dark hairy pussy

I saw this post at Reddit by gonewild girl sgchan and loved it so much I had to make a quick blog post about it. She says she’s Asian,and clearly has some very generous natural breasts and a thick mat of dark hairy pussy hairs between her legs. I love the angle! She probably took the picture herself too.

Asian girl sgchan from Reddit's Gonewild

ATK Hairy Redesign –Newly updated web design and look for for 2011

ATK Hairy was really the first major internet site to do the hairy girl niche justice,and must be more than a decade old by now. They’ve been steadily updating every year they’re been around,finding amateur hairy girls to shoot nude from all over the world.

The number at ATKHairy speak for themselves. 10 hairy updates daily,of 1,489 different furry models. 18,000+ photo sets,4,300+ videos,and over 2.35 million individual images. If you find yourself getting into the hairy porn genre,there’s clearly many worse options than ATK Natural and Hairy. It’s nice to see they’re keeping things fresh with a brand new redesign for 2011. Same great porn on the inside,and now in a nicer package to browse with.

ATK Hairy new website redesign for 2011

ATK Hairy new website redesign for 2011

ATK Hairy’s full and more proper name is ATK Natural &Hairy,owing to its roots to being not only all about the pubics but also on the natural beauty of women who go for a more natural look. A more care free and unassuming attitude.

When you have over 2 million pictures,navigation becomes a bit of a problem,and has to be handled carefully in order to not have a whole lot of your archive hidden away. The key I think is to give many different ways to access the same content in different ways. By date,category,model type,etc. It’s always been an issue with ATK’s sites,so this redesign may be a really welcome addition for hairy fans that are long time members at ATK Natural and Hairy and always hoped for better navigation.

Japanese girl with copper hair and darker pubes

A classically beautiful Japanese pubic bush here,not too out of control,just a nice pretty unkempt natural forest between her legs. In all of these pics she’s languishing lazily in bed,giving her skin some air.

Open leg hairy pussy picture of Japanese girl

Open leg hairy pussy picture of Japanese girl

Bringing her knees to her chest,with her shins parallel to the ceiling,she clasps her feet and tucks her thighs beside her body. Her pussy is pointed straight to the sky,with her pubic hair leading the way. Looks like she maintains her ass hair,otherwise she just may not grow much. Asians!

Asian hairy pussy facing up towards the sky

Asian hairy pussy facing up towards the sky

Surprisingly I like the first picture in this series that I chose over this closeup,which I generally prefer but not this time. Something about the first image that I like,probably just her position and pose. Great pictures are always to be expected from this site Pretty4Ever,based out of Russia. Though this girl is Asian of Japanese descent,I’m sure she lives in Russia or was visiting there for this shoot.

Closeup of Asian girl's pussy (Japanese) from Russia

Closeup of Asian girl's pussy (Japanese) from Russia

We have full reviews up for Pretty4Ever at both of my review sites if you’re interested in learning more about this site. You can read our review at ASS from 2008,or our more recent listing from 2011 complete with full galleries.


Soft pubic hairs on vagina,butt and upper inner thighs too

Here we have Slampe showing us what she can grow in the pubic hair department,with a fitting furry blanket that suits the hairy furry look of her vagina. Here she spreads her legs wide with a toe pointed into the black leather couch she’s sitting on,with a pronounced hip bone jutting out of her waist.

Spreading legs wide exposing hairy vagina

Slampe spreads her legs. Images from Pretty4Ever

In this closeup of her highness miss hairy here Slampe,we see there’s no part left uncovered,and while she can’t grow a thick bush like some other more hairy girls,she has hair in spades on the upper part of her thighs,in that little inner area where the thigh meets the pussy. I’ll bet it’s soft there.

Very hairy upper thighs closeup pussy pic

Very hairy upper thighs closeup pussy pic

In case you’re craving a bit more of ye young hairy one here,thankfully there’s more. Here she’s bent over and we get a really nice semi-closeup shot of her hairy pussy from the back. She has her butt stuck up and out a bit,her labia firmly in place,and hairs going every which way.

Another fine young Russian teen model from Pretty4Ever,a nude photography site that isn’t specifically focused on hairy girls,yet I found quite a few among their recent P4E updates in any case.

Bent over showing pubic hairs on her inner thighs

Bent over showing pubic hairs on her inner thighs

Curly haired burlesque model Daria Glower with a dark hairy pube patch

The curtains do not match the drapes! Not that I care so much,her hair looks good with blonde streaks and a dark inner core. She’s got it all permed up,wearing it very curly with spiral curls,held up somehow in the back. Her pube patch is a much darker brown,nearly black,so we can assume she’s not exactly a natural blonde.

Glamour MILF model Daria Glower striking a pose in a bar

Glamour model Daria Glower

We thankfully didn’t have to ask Daria Glower to do what we wanted her to do,which is get her little tushy up on that bar and spread them eagle style for us to get a better view of her hairy crotch. She’s got a good furry patch of hair for pubes,but shaves the underlips and labia.

Curly haired busty Daria Glower in stockings with a hairy pussy

Legs spread wide with a please fuck me look in her eyes

Wider you say?! Challenge accepted! Daria hikes one foot up onto a bar stool,resting her weight on her elbow touching the stockings on her knee. She stares deeply into the camera as this picture is taken,as the camera captures her open pussy,perhaps as wide open as it could be in this position. Looks as if it’s even picking up some of the glare from the wetness of her smooth and shiny pussy skin.

One leg on a bar stool,pussy widely exposed below

Daria Glower exposes her hairy pussy

Photos are taken from Sex Sense,a DVD production company who shoots their own XXX titles.

Full hair on upper pubic area

While Michelle here doesn’t have the hairiest pussy in the world,she certainly has a full covering of all areas,it’s just a light covering. Maybe she keeps a trimmed bush by carefully clipping them down with a pair of scissors every now and then.

Spreading legs while sucking a cock from above

Of course there’s another possibility. Maybe she doesn’t trim her pubes at all,and this is just as much hair as she’s capable of growing down there. Much like guys who can’t grow full beards,or who always have small gaps,perhaps Michelle is at full growth and wishes she could have a hairier pubic area. Maybe this is her fully bearded pussy look.Here she gets two fingers plunged into her gash as she moans,pulling back from a kiss in ecstasy. I found this scene at the SexSense website.

Two fingers slid into the pussy of hairy Michelle

All this foreplay could only lead to one thing,and finally we get the penetration shot we’ve been waiting for,a closeup image of this guy’s hard cock sliding inside Michelle’s hairy pink vaginal tunnel. She has a very pretty pussy with soft hair,with a tender pink clit hood exposed.

Penis penetrates a hairy pink pussy

Hairy pictures provided by Sex Sense.


Worn out nailpolish and a hairy pussy

With fingernails like that,you’d expect this to be the cooch of a young woman too lazy to redo her nails for her photo shoot,but you’d be wrong. Unless you’re like 75 years old and think 40 years old is the new young,that is. This woman is 40! I’m sticking to posting closeup pics of just the pussy in this blog entry though.

Shaved upper pubic area with a mound of hair below

When you’re in the mood for a vertical hamburger to feast on,look no further than Gigi and her 40 year old hairy amateur snatch. This is the picture where we see her worn out fingernail polish,of the gold and flittery variety. At least in its former glory days,perhaps a week previous. This picture has one stray pubic hair that’s bothering me on the left side (her right side) that gets in the way of her finger. I posted it specifically,just in case some hairy fetish enthusiast loves pictures with oddly placed single hairs. I seriously don’t doubt there are some out there.

Older woman squeezes her pussy together like a hamburger

This last pic gives us a great look at her large outer pussy lips and a bit of her ass hair too. She looks like she has a tight little butt. Too bad she shaves her pubic mound somewhat,even if she leaves a tuft of hair on top and doesn’t do a very good job below. You can see a lot of stubble growing back. Looks like she’d be very hairy within maintenance. Missed opportunity. These pictures are from Just Nips,a site that specializes in closeups,especially of nipples. Lots of average looking amateur girls featured here,in all shapes and sizes.

Opening her legs to see her hairy pussy lips

Hairy but trimmed glamour model Liz Ashley all wet holding an umbrella

Liz Ashley is outside being sprayed with water for her photo shoot for Playboy’s Sexy Wives. We’d all love to think it’s natural rain falling down on her,but I doubt they’d want to get their expensive cameras wet. Plus the water is coming in sideways,and isn’t hitting all of the wooden dock she’s on,so a bit of detective work proves it’s a SETUP!

Playboy model Liz Ashley stands naked with the ocean behind her

We’re here for the hairy muff though,and Liz Ashley is rocking quite a thick patch of pubes. It’s not every day that Playboy shoots a hairy girl,as most arrive all prim and proper and likely freshly shaven or waxed for a scene with a company like Hugh Hefner’s. It looks like she’s neatly trimmed,but has left a good sized patch above and to the sides,on the outer lips of her pussy. Looks like she’s got quite the big n meaty meat curtains too! And very nice French manicure on both her fingernails and toenails,it can’t be left unsaid.

Naked girl playboy shoot holding an umbrella in the rain

Oh,and if you have an iphone,tablet or android device,check out Playboy Mobile to see everything they have to offer for the new devices.

Two Japanese girls with hairy pussy mounds on nude beach

These two young Japanese girls are lying down on a clean white towel in the sun,fully at rest with the soft sand beneath them. One is on her back gazing starwards,while the other lies on her side with one leg up,pussy and ass wide open. They look asleep,but I doubt they’re really sleeping with Petter Hegre running around them clicking away with his camera.

Nude Japanese girls lying on a beach towel

Both women have hairy pussies,though one perhaps a bit more interesting. A radical look to say the least,with long black pubic hairs standing up at attention from her pussy mound below. It’s almost like she has two stages of different pubic hair,with the wild upper patch and a lower,thicker more dense matte of pussy hair below it. ¬†She doesn’t even shave the underside of her pussy lips,though it looks like there are some sparse areas where she doesn’t grow much hair.

Hairy pussy mound sunlight and shadows


The two lovely hairy Japanese ladies are Lulu and Konata. Beautiful bodies,womanly hip bones and both have large natural milky smooth breasts. Two of the more popular Japanese models from Hegre Art in 2011,appearing in scenes together and solo sets as well. If you have a thing for Japanese girls specifically,see Hegre Art Japan.